Handy Extension Handler Developed by: Jeremy Doolin
Kyle Wheeler
Current Version: 1.4.0

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heh associates file extensions/types with user defined programs/shell scripts and handles/opens them accordingly (for a more detailed description of "heh", its features and how to use it, go to the Features page).

Kyle told me (Jeremy) about a command line utility that Mac OS X has called open that opens files with the appropriate application according to the Finder database. I then noticed that Linux/Unix did not have a similar utility (openvt is not close to this). So I set about writing one. Since it was going to involve text parsing, I decided to write it in Perl. Kyle got involved by giving me ideas to implement (which I did) and eventually just became co-developer. We share the workload of both design and implementation. (Special credit goes to Benny, for providing food for thought. Benny, you know who you are.)

So, why "heh"? Well, when we decided that it was time to release 1.0 on Freshmeat, I ran a search for "open" and found that there was already a project by that name that was supposed to do the same thing. As it turns out this open is pretty restrictive and simplistic (and it was written in C). So we decided to go ahead with the submission, but with a new name. As a joke, a friend suggested "heh". We took him seriously. We decided on "heh" because it is very easy to remember and type, and it's kinda catchy. After we decided on this name, a friend of ours suggested that it could stand for "Handy Extension Handler", so it stuck!

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