Handy Extension Handler
Developed by: Jeremy Doolin
Kyle Wheeler
Current Version: 1.4.0

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* Sun Oct 28 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Added a -q option to simply print out the command that *would* be run (this could be used by other programs now, using heh as a frontend to file opening preferences)

* Wed Sep 5 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Added support for the database specifiers "-both", "-all", and "-f"
- Finished filter support (I think), including database queries and updates.
- Reformatted the help screen.
- Changed the help screen syntax (internally). Fixed database querying to be

* Sun Jul 15 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed upfilter support - it works beautifully now (although, it requires
  filters to accept input from stdin and output to stdout)_, but is missing
  the on-the-fly modification of the database.


* Thu Jun 7 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed the "bad ~/.extensions file format" bug. 

* Tue Jun 5 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed up the code - it's getting much more readable
- There's now, preliminary, filter support - based around piping. Obviously,
  there are a lot of problems with this - but in that it is filtering and in
  that it only supports filtering through piping, it works. The interface
  won't change until filter support is "good", but use a line that begins with
  an F in the ~/.extensions file to define a filter (for now... filters are
  complicated, and the format may change). If you need more documentation,
  contact me or Jeremy...

* Mon Jun 4 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed the regress bug (silly scope errors)
- Made do_it function act properly with regression
- Now supports complex extensions (eg. foo.tar.gz)

* Sat Jun 2 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed the inline update function's wierdness

* Thu May 31 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Supports comments in ~/.extensions file now
- Gives valid (or at least minimally useful) error messages when file opening fails now.
- Added Universal Handler support (in the form of .DEFAULT)


* Sat May 26 2001 Jeremy Doolin 
- Quick attempt to prevent infinite heh loops

* Sat May 26 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Cleaned up the prompts and made a general function for them
- Cleaned up the equivalents function (it's more intelligent now)
- Wrapped every function
- Nearly every function supports -X, -term, and -both
  (-i's handling of it is questionable...)
- Made command-line error detection a LOT stronger

* Thu May 24 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Calls them "Handler"s in the -qa output, instead of "Applications"

* Sun May 20 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Accepts applications with command-line arguments as valid
- Accepts full-path applications as valid
- Combined .extensions_X and .extensions_term into one file, .extensions
- Now uses references (should I have a perl version requirement?)
- Added regression support
- Automatically migrates from the old file format to the new one

* Wed May 9 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed a bug when run on Perl 5.0004 on Solaris (use "defined" instead of
- Cleaned up the code a bit
- Made the extension recognizer more robust
- Fixed some -w complaints that only show up on 5.0004 on Solaris

* Wed May 9 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- Fixed a bug in wierd file names (e.g. heh-1.2.0/heh used to be recognized as
  having a file extension of "0/heh")

* Wed May 9 2001 Jeremy Doolin 
- Added the ability to ignore extensions such as .old, .bak, or .whatever

* Tue May 8 2001 Jeremy Doolin 
- Checks for validity of applications when updating database.
- Support for querying lists of files added
- Support for filenames with a '~' or '#' at the end of a filename added

* Tue May 8 2001 Kyle Wheeler 
- The "-qa" output is now intelligent, and readable
- Fixed all the errors in perl -w output
- Made the command-line argument parsing even more robust
- Added system-wide script aliasing support (add this to the README)

* Sun May 6 2001 Jeremy Doolin 
- initial release

This page last modified May,29 2001